Foaled July 18, 2005

Sire: Scenecrest Sanguine
Dam: Universal Sami
2 years old
Summer 2008
This is Sami's first foal & she did herself proud he is exceptional.

Coming from a reining background through his sire Buckskin... Gold Cross Suncatcher and dam
with an exceptional best all around grandsire Flaxen Liver Chestnut .... Sealect this colt should be
a great pleasure mount to be able to enjoy for years to come..

His grand-sire Sealect from the time he was 4 years was one of the best trail horses a person
could ever ask for. Sealect started showing  winning his first ribbon as a weanling and continued
showing winning many ribbons and trophies.  Sealect was a horse that could do it all he was
everyones dream horse who sired many a wonderful horses.

Sanguine has proved to be a gentle loving stallion and a great horse to be around just like his sire.
He has been siring exceptional foals with a very loving personality and a pleasure to own.
August 2005
August 2005
October 2008
Here's Looking at You
Coming to say hi while I film
Trotting off with style
Looking on August 29-2006
Enchantment's Dam
Universal Samantha
Enchantment's Sire
Scenecrest Sanguine
Scenecrest Enchantment Pedigree
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