My foundation horses of my breeding program after I started
over were totally different then the Morgan Horses I first
owned. The first Morgan horses I purchased were heavy Government bred with other lines I no
longer have of which I had several unsoundnesses of legs and they died early.

I found through years of researching bloodlines,visiting farms, going to Morgan Horse Shows,
talking to oldtime breeders that had success and watching video's of horses of the past for the
future of my program. I then decided to choose lines of
Cornwallis, Jubilee King with
horses that went back to Upwey Ben Don after seeing sons and daughters of his I knew I could
get the true Morgan horse since he went back to many great Morgan lines of the past too.

I believed after my first experience that with careful breeding of the right bloodlines I could
breed great horses.
Cornwallis was chosen for his nice head, clean throatlatch, neck coming
directly out of a deep shoulder, well developed chest, powerful body, nice topline and clean
Longevity. Jubilee King had great feet and lovely personality and complimented
with also having all the same Morgan Conformation needed to sire a great
Morgan horse.
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