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The below sites are Dedicated to my beloved GSD Smoky...
For GSD Genetics information on Health... Inherited issues... Discuss Color Genetics ... history of the breed... are possible find the dog of your dreams...
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GSDGenetics group
Pedigrees... History... Information sites below
Breed Types and Families
Well Known American GSD Pedigrees
DDR East Germany Pedigrees
German Shepherd Dog Pedigrees
Germany GSDonline Pedigrees Show Records and Photos
Bits and Bytes GSD Pedigree research...
Sahiela GSD Library & Pedigrees... History...
On-Line Pedigree Database
German Shepherd Pedigree Search
GSD Siegers 1899-gallery History-photos
Clubs and Organizations sites below
United Schutzhund Clubs of America
Diseases and Health Issues sites below
Canine Bloat
GSD Health Inherited Information
Hemangiosarcoma Warning Signs
Pano-Growing Pains...Joint Diseases
Hip Dysphasia
Haemophilia A
Degenerative Myelopathy
Fatty Tumors... Lipoma
German Shepherd Dogs of Color Coats Sites below
Basic Coat Genetics
Frankenhaus German Shepherds Color Genetics
GSD Colors and Coat Lengths
Dog Colors,Genetics and more
GSD Coats... Colors... Photos
Yahoo Groups of Interest
German Shepherd Dog groups

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